NEW OMCC Shop Front End and registration

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NEW OMCC Shop Front End and registration

Post by omccadmin » Tue Dec 18, 2018 6:50 pm

Following the slightly subtle launch of the new Shop front-end to the OMCC website you ought to realise from the new prompts provided that any existing username/forum-id/nick-name etc is no longer valid for Shop OMCC Membership sign-up duties as and when they become available (e.g. 1st January 2019). The forum logon details are now 100% separate from the paid OMCC membership pages.

[ Phew!! :ugeek: ]

On the new OMCC Shop you will have to (re-)register using an email address and new password. A valid email address is required for you register. Any passwords used on the Shop can be different from those used on the Forum.

We would have emailed an amazingly festive notice out to all current OMCC members but seeing as 50% had not filled in their profile information properly we would still have been left answering tons of questions.