To all OMCC members, thank you.

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To all OMCC members, thank you.

Post by shents » Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:18 pm


This post has been a long time coming, indeed it should have been written at the start of the year but sadly I have been very poorly. To put you in the picture, after 12 years in the Royal Air Force I have been medically discharged for PTSD. This has totally changed my life and had it not been for the OMCC, I would be in a far worse situation than I am now. Skip to the bottom if you want a very quick summary or read on.

As I was coming to my end in the RAF, the careers guidance people suggested I go into project management because my background as non-commissioned aircrew would suit the role quite well. Sadly this did not take into account the crippling mental illness that I was suffering from or the utter turmoil my life was in. So as you could probably guess it didn't go well and I was admitted to hospital after a particularly bad night when I attempted the unthinkable. You'll excuse me for not going into further detail but its still a very painful memory.

Anyway.... lets be positive and talk about how amazing the OMCC is. During my illness I had been the Secretary for OMCC and received a LOT of support from the guys there; when you're on your arse its surprising how far a text or call will go! Going to Zolder and spannering for the OMCC race boys was a particular treat, I highly recommend it for anyone, mental or not. After a short time in hospital and a lot of counselling to put me back on a functional level I realised (after being told repeatedly by the doctor) that project management was not the career choice for me, however I had already spent my resettlement grant from the RAF and committed all of my savings into getting the qualifications for a job that made me really poorly. At this point I knew I had to take a different path but was completely scuppered financially... until Andy 'Haj' Smith and the OMCC stepped in.

It turns out that Haj had proposed at a club meeting (as the new secretary) that OMCC should donate a small amount of cash to help get me on my feet again and aid in recovery to my illness. The club agreed a figure which then started a chain of events that were incredible. After the OMCC had put aside some money, the RAF Odiham charities committee matched the donation! And then, completely out of the blue a very wealthy charities organisation in London which is linked to my old Squadron matched BOTH the donations! I have to say at this point I was completely blown away by the support I was receiving.

But it got better. SAAFA and RAFA got wind of this generosity and put their hands in the till to back me again. To cut a long story short, my whole (condensed) electrical apprenticeship ended up costing me zero pounds, which was lucky because I didn't have any money and wasn't earning any until I had completed the course.

I won't bore you with any further details but I'd like you to know I have found a job which I enjoy, is manageable with my mental illness and pays more than enough to live my life as I choose. I couldn't have done it without the OMCC, so when you're thinking if you should renew your membership this year please keep this story in mind. It is a non profit organisation that brings together like minded individuals and gives generously to charities (not just me).

I am forever in your debt,

Bob Shenton


I got really poorly through PTSD in the military
The OMCC have supported me the whole time
Haj proposed to the OMCC that they should donate some money to help me out getting started as a civilian and recovering from PTSD
OMCC started a chain of fund raising for me which has changed my life and put me back onto my feet
Looks like I'll be marshalling for a long time to pay this one back....

Mick Mccrudden
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Re: To all OMCC members, thank you.

Post by Mick Mccrudden » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:29 pm

Hi Shents
Glad everything is on the up
Hopefully see you at Oulton Park , but what would be better is too see you at an NBC round


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Re: To all OMCC members, thank you.

Post by zx10rgod » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:35 pm

Bob, what a great story and so glad to hear the positive news from you.

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Re: To all OMCC members, thank you.

Post by AllieF » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:15 pm

Fantastic news Bob. Thank you for sharing what has been a really tough time for you.

Here’s to a fab 2018 for you xx

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Re: To all OMCC members, thank you.

Post by markyboy » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:44 pm

Bob! so happy to read such an uplifting story of how things are going for you! I really enjoyed our trip to Zolder and your spannering, and the road trip there and bank in Andy's motorhome. Hope to see you again during 2018!

Best regards


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Re: To all OMCC members, thank you.

Post by Tuonoism » Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:51 pm

Hey Bob, great to hear things are going well again.

As Mark said, you're always welcome as a spannerman for NBC service, your lockwiring skills are legendary :D

All the Best, Craig.

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Re: To all OMCC members, thank you.

Post by slow andy » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:52 pm

Hi Bob,
Great to see you on the up again.
Hope to see you at an NBC Soon.
All the best Andy

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Re: To all OMCC members, thank you.

Post by Wezz » Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:59 pm

Hi Bob
Glad to hear that you're on the up, must be very difficult. Well done to the OMCC and everyone else involved.

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